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Featured Products

We are experts in manufacturing our own product range, like Smart phones assembly and energy related IoT (Internet of things) devices, along with the Contract Manufacturing Services.As a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, we believe in giving out a seamless and timely production, incorporating the latest automated technology. We design, assemble, produce and also test the Printed Circuit Board and the electronic components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).The electronic manufacturing process which includes the designing, assembling, and testing of the product, is executed in the most flawless and well-equipped work environment.

Smart Phones

We offer you best Multi-brand mobile phone unit assembly. Our company is widely praised in manufacturing and assembling a wide range of Mobile Phone units. We are capable and fully equipped to do both feature and smart mobile phones.

Electronic Components

We also provide design services used in conceptual product development advice and mechanical, electrical and software design assistance. Testing services perform in-circuit, functional, environmental, agency compliance, and analytical laboratory testing. We comply with various quality standards and regulatory requirements.


We also in to design and manufacturing of Smart Energy meters. With the communication options and support software, our single and three phase meters can be easily incorporated into automated meter reading system.


We also provide our valued clients the prototypes of the product to test the concept of the product that is followed by the designing phase. Prototyping always ensures that the product will meet its purpose after the mass production with the right methodology. Our prototypes mirror the actual product closely. Also if required, prototyping can be done multiple times in the stage where they are being planned and designed.

Our Products Showcase-

 Adherence to Timelines

The most crucial factor that determines a manufacturer’s credibility is the timeline adherence which is different for different customers. In the process of manufacturing, abiding by the timeline still stays as a challenging area. Our products, be it Smart phone assembly, IoT Devices or the designing and manufacturing of electronic components, we believe in a quality delivery at the assigned time.



We are open to adapt the ever- evolving world of technology, in our products and thus incorporating innovative techniques and measures to meet your expectation and requirement in the manufacturing product. Grapecon firmly believes in keeping up with the quality standards while designing, testing and manufacturing every product on priority.

Design and Automation

Grapecon considers the design and automation of the product, right at the concept stage of mass manufacturing. A design is established only after a thorough test, serviceability, inspection, and supply chain solution. This leads to a fast paced cycle to delivery.