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My Sergei: A Love Story

Author: Ekaterina Gordeeva ISBN: 9780446605335 Pages: 340 Description: I read this book in high school, and last night I was having one of those "your mind is going crazy as you're falling asleep" moments that popped this book in my head. I have to be honest and say I can't remember many details (setting, certain events, etc), but I do remember that it was incredibly touching and heartbreaking. You have to understand - until I had my son, I never read romance. I was actually one of the mockers *dodges flying insults*. I read horror; King, Koontz, Saul, etc. In fact, I was...

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Second Soul

Author: Thomas Sullivan ISBN: 9780451412027 Pages: 304 Description: It started with an accident. Michael “Bowie” Carmichael was skiing when he veered off course and into the waterfall. Freezing beneath its icy waters, he could only watch as new tragedy was struck. Not far from where his brain was slowly shutting down a bus full of people met their fiery end. Nineteen people burned to death while Bowie turned to ice. Revived and taken to the hospital, Bowie is met with news of how lucky he is to be alive, but something happened on the verge of his near death. A vast and terrible...